Horacio Pagani S.p.A.

Case overview

Approached in St. Moritz, Engaged were bought on by Horacio Pagani S.p.A. to capture the Codalunga in the Swiss Mountains following an epic 2 days at The ICE.

The Brief

“The car needs to look silent, gliding serenely through the mountains.”

Run.  This was a classic case of take the opportunity. We met on a Sunday at 6AM south of Lake St. Moritz, hoping for a quiet and discreet morning.

With our route decided, we drove 10miles into the Swiss Mountains. Arriving at our first location within 5 minutes it was apparent we weren’t going to get peace. News quickly spread that the 1 of 7 Pagani’s was circling the area and all of a sudden we had about 50 extra crew members.

So with the World watching, it became get in, get out. Manage the spectators as safely as possible, tackle the -20C wind and snow, and capture the most sublime, effortless images possible. 

The Results


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